Khadi Network

Khadi, It is also called as khaddar or handspun which means pure cotton. Khadi is a cloth made by hand using hand spun yarn. Khadi is fully hand crafted as a process of forming yarn and forming cloth by spinning and weaving. The process of spinning is done by chakra. Khadi is a very essential cloth, it has the soft twist imparted by the hand maintains the yarn hairiness to an extent, which gives maximum comfort.

Khadi was a part of Independence struggle in India. Mahatma Gandhi began promoting khadi in order to boycott the foreign clothes, Gandhiji called upon the people to make their clothes by themselves. Then Khadi symbolized the politicians. Most Politicians wear Khadi clothing in India. Khadi is an Environment and Eco friendly garment. In an aspect of degenerating environment, efforts are on to produce 100% Eco-friendly textiles where even the cotton will be grown without chemical fertilizers. But, surprisingly, this is already being done in India-in the form of Ponduru Khadi which is produced from wild varieties of cotton found in Ponduru, srikakulam dist in Andhra Pradesh which is in the South of India.

No wonder to say Khadi is acknowledged as one of the coolest and most comfortable fabric ever known. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. Even though it is very tough competition with the modern industrial world of today under the new liberalization atmosphere - Khadi is trying its level best to survive. It is our responsibility of each individual of Indian to do what ever we can to keep this Khadi Alive.

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